Below are playable or pdf versions of the Psalms. These also have certain Copyright restrictions. You must refer to these restrictions before reproducing copyrighted music or lyrics.

withheldPsalm 1  How blest the man who does not walkPowerpoint: contact
withheldPsalm 1b  Blessed is the manPowerpoint: contact
withheldPsalm 2  Why now do the nations ragePowerpoint: contact
withheldPsalm 3  O LORD, how are my foes increased!Powerpoint: contact
view/playS A T BPsalm 4  O hear my cry, my righteous GodPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 5  LORD Almighty, hear my wordsPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 6  LORD, chasten not in angerPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playPsalm 6  LORD, chasten not in anger with alt harmPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldPsalm 7  O LORD my God, my refuge is in youPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 8  In all the earthPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 9  Wholehearted thanksgiving to you I will bringPDFPowerpoint:free to use

view/playS A T BPsalm 10  O LORD, why do you stand remotePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 11  The LORD is my refugePDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldPsalm 12  Help, LORD, for godly men are fewPowerpoint: contact
view/playS A T BPsalm 13  How long will you forget me, LORDPDFPowerpoint:CCLI reqd.
withheldPsalm 14  The fool speaks in his heartPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 15  Who, O LORD, with thee abidingPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 16  Protect me, O my GodPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldPsalm 16b  Protect me, GodPowerpoint: contact
view/playS A T BPsalm 17  LORD, hear my righteous pleaPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 18  I love you, LORD!PDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 19  The spacious heavens declarePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 19b  The heavens declare thy gloryPDFPowerpoint:free to use

view/playS A T BPsalm 20  The LORD answer you when you cryPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldPsalm 21  O LORD, in your strengthPowerpoint:free to use
withheldPsalm 22  My God, my GodPowerpoint: contact
view/playS A T BPsalm 22b  The ends of all the earthPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playPsalm 22c  Amid the thronging worshippersPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 23  The LORD's my shepherdPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 24  The earth and the richesPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 25  LORD, I lift my soul to theePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 25b  LORD, to you my soul is liftedPDFPowerpoint:CCLI reqd.
view/playS A T BPsalm 26  LORD, speak for me, for I am yoursPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldPsalm 27  Jehovah is my lightPowerpoint: contact
view/playS A T BPsalm 28  To you, O LORD, I cryPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldPsalm 29  O give to Jehovah, you sonsPowerpoint: contact

view/playS A T BPsalm 30  O LORD, I will exalt your namePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 31  In you, LORD, I take refugePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 32  How blest is he whose trespassPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 33  Joyfully sing to the LORDPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 34  The LORD I will at all times blessPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 35  LORD, plead my casePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 36  The trespass of the wicked manPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldPsalm 37  Do not fret on account of the wickedPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 38  In wrath do not rebuke me, LORDPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldPsalm 39  I said, Now let me watch my waysPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 39b  Teach me the measure of my daysPDFPowerpoint:free to use

view/playS A T BPsalm 40  I waited long upon the LORDPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 41  Blest is the onePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 42  As a deer in want of waterPDFPowerpoint:CCLI reqd.
view/playS A T BPsalm 42b  As pants the hartPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playPsalm 43  Vindicate me, God, my FatherPDFPowerpoint:CCLI reqd.
view/playS A T BPsalm 43b  Come! Vindicate me, O my God!PDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 44  O God, we have heardPowerpoint: contact
view/playS A T BPsalm 45  A noble theme inspires my heartPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 46  God is our refuge and our strengthPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldPsalm 47  Clap your hands and shout!Powerpoint: contact
view/playS A T BPsalm 47b  All nations, clap your handsPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 48  Great is the LORD our GodPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 49  Listen to me, all you peoplesPDFPowerpoint:free to use

view/playS A T BPsalm 50  The mighty God and sovereign LORDPDFPowerpoint:CCLI reqd.
view/playS A T BPsalm 51  O my God, have mercy on mePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playPsalm 51b  God, be merciful to mePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playPsalm 51b  Gracious God, my heart renewPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldPsalm 52  Mighty mortal, boasting evilPowerpoint: contact
withheldPsalm 53  The fool speaks in his heartPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 54  Save, O God, by your great namePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 55  O God, please listen to my prayerPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 56  O God, be mercifulPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 57  Have mercy on me, LordPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 58  You rulers, do you knowPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 59  From foes and all who threaten mePDFPowerpoint:free to use

withheldPsalm 60  O God, you have rejected usPowerpoint: contact
view/playS A T BPsalm 61  O hear my urgent cry, my GodPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 62  My soul finds rest in God alonePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 63  O God, you are my God alonePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 63b  O LORD, my God, most earnestlyPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 64  Hear my voice, O GodPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 65  Praise is your right, O God, in ZionPDFPowerpoint:CCLI reqd.
view/playPsalm 65b  Thy might sets fast the mountainsPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 66  Come, everyone, and join with usPDFPowerpoint:CCLI reqd.
view/playS A T BPsalm 67  O God, to us show mercyPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 68  May God arise and may his foesPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldPsalm 68b  God shall arise and by his mightPowerpoint: contact
view/playPsalm 68c  O Lord, thou hast ascendedPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 69  Save me, O God, I sink in floodsPDFPowerpoint:CCLI reqd.
view/playS A T BPsalm 69b  Thy lovingkindness, LORD, is goodPDFPowerpoint:free to use

view/playS A T BPsalm 70  Make haste, O God, to save mePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 71  In you, O LORD, I put my trustPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playPsalm 72b  Endow the king with justicePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 72  Endow the king with justicePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 73  Surely God is good to IsraelPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 73b  In doubt and temptationPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 73c  In sweet communion, Lord, with theePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playPsalm 74  Why, O my God, are we cast offPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 75  We give you thanks, O GodPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 76  God is known among his peoplePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 77  I cry out that God may hear mePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 78  O my people, hear my teachingPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 78b  Let children hear the mighty deedsPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldPsalm 79  Lord, the nations have invadedPowerpoint:free to use

view/playS A T BPsalm 80  Hear, O Israel's shepherdPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 81  Sing for joy to GodPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playPsalm 81b  Sing a psalm of joyPDFPowerpoint:CCLI reqd.
view/playS A T BPsalm 82  There where the judges gatherPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 83  O my God, do not keep silentPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 84  O LORD of hosts, how lovelyPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 85  In times past, LORDPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldPsalm 86  Hear, O LORD, and answer mePowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 86b  LORD, my petition heedPDFPowerpoint:CCLI reqd.
view/playS A T BPsalm 87  On the holy mountainPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playPsalm 87b  Zion, founded on the mountainsPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 88  LORD, you are the God who saves mePDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldPsalm 89  Part1 I will extol the LORD's great lovePowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 89  Part2 There was a timePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 89  Part3 But you, O LORD, have spurnedPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 89b  Almighty God, thy lofty thronePDFPowerpoint:free to use

withheldPsalm 90  Lord, you have been our dwelling placePowerpoint: contact
view/playS A T BPsalm 91  The one whose dwelling is with GodPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 92  How good it is to thank the LORDPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 93  Jehovah sits enthronedPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 94  Almighty LORD God, who judges the earthPDFPowerpoint:CCLI reqd.
view/playS A T BPsalm 95  Now with joyful exultationPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 95b  Sing to the LORD, the rockPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 96  Sing to the LORD, sing his praisePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 97  Jehovah reigns, let earth be glad!PDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 98  Sing a new song to JehovahPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 98b  Unto GOD our SaviourPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 99  Jehovah reigns in majestyPDFPowerpoint:free to use

view/playS A T BPsalm 100  Shout to the LORD with joyPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 100b  All people that on earth do dwellPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 101  I'll praise your love and justicePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 102  LORD, listen to my prayerPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldPsalm 103  Praise GOD, my soul!Powerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 103b  O come my soul, bless thou the LORDPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 104  My soul, bless the LORD!PDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 105  Give thanks to the LORD GodPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 105b  Unto the LORD lift thankful voicesPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 106  Praise the LORD! Extol his goodness!PDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldPsalm 107  O thank the LORD, for he is goodPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 108  O LORD God, my heart is steadfastPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 109  O my God, whose name I worshipPDFPowerpoint:free to use

view/playS A T BPsalm 110  The LORD unto my Lord has saidPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 111  O give the LORD wholehearted praisePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 112  How blest the man who fears the LORDPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 113  O praise, you servants of the LORDPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 114  When Israel out of Egypt camePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 115  Not unto us, O LORD of heavenPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 116  I love the LORDPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 116b  I love the LORD, the fount of lifePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 117  Praise Jehovah, all ye nationsPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 118  Part1 O thank the LORDPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 118  Part2 Triumphant shouts of joyPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 118b  Give thanks to GOD for all his goodnessPDFPowerpoint:CCLI reqd.
view/playS A T BPsalm 119v001  Blessed are thosePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 119v009  How can the young keep their life purePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 119v017  Do good to mePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 119v025  My soul is laid lowPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 119v025-032 b  Here I lie, my soul clings to the dustPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 119v033  Teach me, O LORDPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldPsalm 119v041  May your unfailing love come to mePowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 119v049  LORD, your word to me rememberPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 119v057  Thou art my portion, LORDPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 119v065  LORD, you have dealt wellPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 119v073  Your hands have fashioned mePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 119v081  My soul for thy salvation faintsPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 119v089  Eternal is your word, O LORDPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 119v097  How I love thy lawPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldPsalm 119v105  Your word's a lampPowerpoint: contact
view/playS A T BPsalm 119v113  The double-minded I abhorPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 119v121  I have followed truth and justicePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 119v129  Your statutes, LORD, are wonderfulPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 119v137  O LORD, you are the Righteous OnePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 119v145  O LORD, my earnest cryPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 119v153  Look on my sufferingPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 119v161  Though rulers hound mePDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldPsalm 119v169  Let my cry come before youPowerpoint:free to use

withheldPsalm 120  I cried in trouble to the LORDPowerpoint: contact
view/playS A T BPsalm 121  To the hills I lift mine eyesPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 122  My heart was gladPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 123  To you, O LORD, I lift my eyesPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 124  If God the LORDPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 125  All those who trust the LORDPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 126  When Zion's fortunes GOD restoredPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 127  Unless the LORD buildsPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 128  How blest are all who fear the LORDPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 129  They have oppressed mePDFPowerpoint:free to use

view/playS A T BPsalm 130  From out the depths I cryPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldPsalm 131  O LORD, my heart is not proudPowerpoint: contact
view/playS A T BPsalm 132  LORD our God, remember DavidPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 133  How excellent a thing it isPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playPsalm 133b  How good and pleasant is the sightPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 134  O bless our GOD with one accordPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 135  Praise the LORD, all you his servantsPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 136  O thank the LORD, for he is goodPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 137  By Babel's streams we sat and weptPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldPsalm 137b  By flowing waters of BabylonPowerpoint: contact
view/playS A T BPsalm 138  With grateful heart my thanks I bringPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldPsalm 139  O GOD, you search mePowerpoint: contact
view/playS A T BPsalm 139b  LORD, thou hast searched mePDFPowerpoint:free to use

view/playS A T BPsalm 140  Save me, O LORDPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 141  O LORD, I call to youPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 142  I cry for mercyPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 143  Hear now my prayer, O LORDPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 144  All praise to the LORDPDFPowerpoint:CCLI reqd.
view/playS A T BPsalm 145  I will exalt my God and KingPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playPsalm 145b  O Lord, thou art my God and KingPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 146  Hallelujah, praise Jehovah, O my soulPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 147  O sing ye hallelujah!PDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 148  Hallelujah, praise JehovahPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldPsalm 149  Praise the LORD! Give him gloryPowerpoint:free to use
view/playPsalm 149b  O praise ye the LordPDFPowerpoint:free to use

view/playS A T BPsalm 150  Praise God in his holy templePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BPsalm 150b  Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!PDFPowerpoint:free to use