Below are playable or pdf versions of the Hymns. These also have certain Copyright restrictions. You must refer to these restrictions before reproducing copyrighted music or lyrics.

view/playHymn 151  Glory be to God the FatherPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 152  Come, thou almighty KingPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 153  Glory be to God in heavenContact
view/playHymn 154  All glory be to thee, most highPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 155  Holy, Holy, Holy!Contact
view/playHymn 156  Stand up and bless the LordPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 157  Heavenly hosts in ceaseless worshipContact
view/playHymn 158  Give to our God immortal praisePDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 159  O Father, you are sovereignContact
withheldHymn 160  Ascribe greatnessContact

withheldHymn 161  Give praise to GodContact
view/playHymn 162  Let all the world in every corner singPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 163  O worship the King, all-glorious abovePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 164  Praise my soul, the King of heavenPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 165  Sing praise to the LordPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 166  Sing praise to God, who reigns aboveContact
withheldHymn 167  We praise thee, O GodContact
view/playHymn 168  My God, how wonderful thou artPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 169  No eye has seenContact
withheldHymn 170  God and God aloneContact

view/playHymn 171  Immortal Invisible God only wisePDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 172  Vast the immensityContact
withheldHymn 173  Great is thy faithfulnessContact
view/playHymn 174  The God of Abraham praisePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BHymn 175  O God, our help in ages pastPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 176  There's a wideness in God's mercyContact
withheldHymn 177  Safe in the shadow of the LordContact
view/playHymn 178  I will sing of the mercies of the LORDPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 179  To the praise of his glorious graceContact
withheldHymn 180  I will give thanks to youContact

withheldHymn 181  The steadfast love of the LordContact
view/playHymn 182  O love of God, how strong and truePDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 183  The Lord's my shepherdContact
withheldHymn 184  The king of love my Shepherd isContact
withheldHymn 185  All creatures of our God and KingContact
view/playHymn 186  All things bright and beautifulPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 187  Fill your hearts with joyContact
view/playHymn 188  For the beauty of the earthPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 189  For the fruits of his creationContact
withheldHymn 190  Let all things now livingContact

withheldHymn 191  How great thou artContact
view/playHymn 192  We plough the fieldsPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 193  This is my Father's worldPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 194  All my hope on God is foundedContact
view/playHymn 195  God moves in a mysterious wayPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 196  If you but trust in God to guide youPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 197  What God ordains is always rightContact
withheldHymn 198  Alive in ChristContact
view/playHymn 199  As Moses raised the serpent upPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 200  Amazing grace! How sweet the soundPDFPowerpoint:free to use

view/playHymn 201  Come, thou fount of every blessingPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 202  How marvellous, how wise, how greatContact
withheldHymn 203  I am convincedContact
withheldHymn 204  Oh, the mercy of GodContact
withheldHymn 205  O how the grace of GodContact
view/playHymn 206  To God be the gloryPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 207  Come, let us join our cheerful songsPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 208  All hail the power of Jesus' name!PDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 209  Beautiful Saviour!Contact
withheldHymn 210  Christ triumphant, ever reigningContact

withheldHymn 211  Come, people of the risen KingContact
view/playHymn 212  Jesus, the very thought of theePDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 213  You're the Word of God the FatherContact
view/playHymn 214  How sweet the name of Jesus soundsPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 215  I greet thee, who my sure Redeemer artPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 216  In Christ aloneContact
view/playHymn 217  Join all the glorious namesPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 218  I will sing of my RedeemerPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 219  Jesus loves mePDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 220  My song is love unknownContact

view/playHymn 221  Love divine, all loves excellingPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 222  O for a thousand tongues to singPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 223  Praise to the holiestPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 224  O Christ, our hope, our heart's desirePDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 225  Christ is the world's lightContact
withheldHymn 226  We come, O Christ, to youContact
view/playHymn 227  O Lord, how shall I meet youPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 228  When morning gilds the skiesPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 229  You servants of GodPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 230  The people who in darkness walkedPDFPowerpoint:free to use

view/playHymn 231  For unto us a child is bornPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 232  O come, O come, EmmanuelPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 233  Come, thou long-expected JesusContact
view/playHymn 234  Comfort, comfort ye my peoplePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 235  My soul doth magnify the LordPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 236  Tell out, my soulContact
withheldHymn 237  Blest be the God of IsraelContact
withheldHymn 238  A great and mighty wonderContact
view/playHymn 239  Angels we have heard on highPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 240  Hark! The herald angels singPDFPowerpoint:free to use

view/playHymn 241  Angels, from the realms of gloryPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 242  Christians, awake, salute the happy mornPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 243  O come, all ye faithfulPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 244  Go tell it on the mountainPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 245  While shepherds watched their flocksPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 246  All my heart this night rejoicesContact
withheldHymn 247  Break forth, O beauteous heavenly lightContact
view/playHymn 248  See in yonder manger lowPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 249  Child in the mangerPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 250  Come and sing the Christmas storyContact

view/playHymn 251  Come ye here in adorationPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 252  O little town of BethlehemPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 253  Once in royal David's cityPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 254  Praise God the LordPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 255  Good Christians, all rejoicePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 256  Now may thy servant, LordPDFPowerpoint:CCLI reqd.
view/playHymn 257  As with gladness men of oldPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 258  Hark! A thrilling voice is soundingPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 259  How bright appears the morning starPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 260  Of the Father's love begottenPDFPowerpoint:free to use

withheldHymn 261  Hark, the glad sound!Contact
view/playHymn 262  Joy to the world!PDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 263  I cannot tellContact
view/playHymn 264  Let all mortal flesh keep silencePDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 265  Lord, you were richContact
view/playHymn 266  Who is this, so weak and helplessPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 267  Songs of thankfulness and praiseContact
withheldHymn 268  Ride on, ride on in majestyContact
view/playHymn 269  All glory, laud, and honourPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 270  Hosanna, loud hosannaPDFPowerpoint:free to use

withheldHymn 271  From heaven you cameContact
view/playHymn 272  Your will be done!PDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 273  A purple robeContact
view/playHymn 274  Alas! and did my Saviour bleedPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 275  Ah, dearest Jesus, how hast thou offendedPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 276  Beneath the cross of JesusContact
view/playHymn 277  And can it be that I should gainPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 278  Glory be to JesusPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 279  How deep the Father's loveContact
withheldHymn 280  He was piercedContact

withheldHymn 281  Lift high the crossContact
view/playHymn 282  Not all the blood of beastsPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 283  It is a thing most wonderfulPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 284  No weight of gold or silverContact
view/playHymn 285  O Jesus, we adore theePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 286  O perfect life of lovePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 287  O sacred head, now woundedPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 288  Stricken, smitten, and afflictedPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 289  There is a green hill far awayPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 290  Man of sorrows - what a namePDFPowerpoint:free to use

withheldHymn 291  There is a RedeemerContact
withheldHymn 292  Christ, who is in the form of GodContact
view/playHymn 293  We sing the praise of him who diedPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 294  Heaven's giftContact
view/playHymn 295  When I survey the wondrous crossPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 296  A shout rings out, a joyful voicePDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 297  Alleluia, Alleluia! Give thanksContact
view/playHymn 298  Jesus lives, and so shall IPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 299  O sons and daughtersPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 300  Rise, O church, and lift your voicesContact

view/playHymn 301  The day of resurrectionPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 302  Thine be the gloryPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 303  Sing, choirs of new JerusalemPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 304  This joyful EastertidePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 305  Hail the day that sees him risePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 306  Alleluia! Alleluia!PDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 307  Low in the grave he layPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 308  The strife is o'er, the battle donePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 309  Christ the Lord is risen todayPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 310  Praise the Saviour now and everPDFPowerpoint:free to use

view/playHymn 311  Approach, my soul, the mercy seatPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 312  Done is the work that savesPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 313  Before the throneContact
view/playHymn 314  Lord Jesus, think on mePDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 315  Since our great High Priest, Christ JesusContact
view/playHymn 316  With joy we meditate the gracePDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 317  Crown him with many crownsContact
view/playHymn 318  The head that once was crownedPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 319  Jesus is Lord!Contact
view/playHymn 320  Alleluia! Sing to Jesus!PDFPowerpoint:free to use

view/playHymn 321  See, the conqueror mounts in triumphPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 322  Hail, thou once despised JesusContact
view/playHymn 323  Christ is risen and exaltedPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 324  Rejoice, rejoice, believersPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 325  At the name of JesusContact
withheldHymn 326  At your feet we fallContact
view/playHymn 327  Christ shall have dominionPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 328  Hail to the Lord's anointed!PDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 329  Behold! the mountain of the LordPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 330  Jesus shall reign where'er the sunContact

view/playHymn 331  Rejoice, the Lord is KingPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 332  Shout for the blessed Jesus reignsContact
view/playHymn 333  The Lord is King!PDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 334  The King shall comePDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 335  Christ is coming!Contact
view/playHymn 336  O shrink, my soulPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 337  Keep watching and be readyContact
view/playHymn 338  Day of judgment! Day of Wonders!PDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 339  Wake, awake, for night is flyingPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 340  Lo! he comes with clouds descendingPDFPowerpoint:free to use

view/playHymn 341  The Lord will comePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 342  Your kingdom come, O God!PDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 343  Creator Spirit, by whose aidPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 344  Come, O come, life-giving SpiritPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 345  For your gift of God the SpiritContact
withheldHymn 346  Our great Redeemer, as he breathedContact
withheldHymn 347  Born by the Holy Spirit's breathContact
withheldHymn 348  The Spirit came as promisedContact
view/playHymn 349  Breathe on me, breath of GodPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 350  Come down, O Love divinePDFPowerpoint:free to use

view/playHymn 351  Spirit of God, who dwells withinPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 352  God himself is with usPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 353  Praise to the Lord, the AlmightyContact
view/playHymn 354  Exalt the Lord, his praise proclaimPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 355  Come, ye that fear JehovahPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 356  How sweet and awesome is the placePDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 357  This day at thy creating wordContact
withheldHymn 358  We, the Lord's peopleContact
view/playHymn 359  Worship the Lord in the beauty of holinessPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 360  Safely through another weekPDFPowerpoint:free to use

view/playHymn 361  Father, again in Jesus' name we meetPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 362  Blessed Jesus, at your wordPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 363  Lift up your heads, ye mighty gates!PDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 364  Bless and keep your peoplePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 365  Now thank we all our GodPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 366  Go forth for GodContact
view/playHymn 367  Lord, dismiss us with thy blessingPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 368  God, the Father of your peoplePDFPowerpoint:CCLI reqd.
withheldHymn 369  The day thou gavest, LordContact
view/playHymn 370  Saviour, again to thy dear name we raisePDFPowerpoint:free to use

withheldHymn 371  Speak, O LordContact
withheldHymn 372  Lord, your word shall guide usContact
view/playHymn 373  Break thou the bread of lifePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 374  Just as I amPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 375  Lift up your hearts unto the LordContact
view/playHymn 376  For the bread which you have brokenPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 377  With contrite heartsContact
view/playHymn 378  O let us keep the feastPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 379  Soul, adorn yourself with gladnessContact
view/playHymn 380  According to thy gracious wordPDFPowerpoint:free to use

withheldHymn 381  He gave his life in selfless loveContact
view/playHymn 382  Here, O my Lord, I see thee face to facePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 383  O Jesus, joy of loving heartsPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 384  O God, great FatherPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 385  Our children, Lord, in faith and prayerPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 386  Saviour, like a shepherd lead usPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 387  Humble praises, holy JesusPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 388  There's a friend for little childrenPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 389  Lord, speak to me, that I may speakPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 390  Blest be the tie that bindsPDFPowerpoint:free to use

view/playHymn 391  The church's one foundationPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 392  Christ is made the sure foundationContact
view/playHymn 393  I love thy kingdom, LordPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 394  Glorious things of thee are spokenContact
withheldHymn 395  Church of God, elect and gloriousContact
withheldHymn 396  What can separate my soulContact
view/playHymn 397  Church of Christ JesusPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 398  Who is on the Lord's sidePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 399  A mighty fortress is our GodPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 400  God of the prophetsPDFPowerpoint:free to use

view/playHymn 401  For my sake and the gospel'sPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 402  Hark! the voice of Jesus cryingPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 403  Hope of the worldContact
withheldHymn 404  How shall they hear the word of GodContact
view/playHymn 405  Lord, her watch your Church is keepingPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 406  Christ for the world we singPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 407  The vision of a dying worldContact
view/playHymn 408  Thy hand, O God has guidedPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 409  O Lord, alert your churchPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 410  We have heard the joyful soundPDFPowerpoint:free to use

withheldHymn 411  We have a gospel to proclaimContact
view/playHymn 412  God of our fathersPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 413  God is working his purpose outPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 414  Jesus, with thy church abidePDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 415  Lord, as the day beginsContact
view/playHymn 416  Lord, keep us steadfast in Your wordPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 417  O God, you give to all mankindContact
withheldHymn 418  O God of every nationContact
view/playHymn 419  Where cross the crowded ways of lifePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 420  Onward, Christian soldiersPDFPowerpoint:free to use

view/playHymn 421  Stand up, stand up for JesusPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 422  O royal bride, give heedPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 423  For all the saintsPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 424  Who are these like starsPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 425  Here from all nationsContact
view/playHymn 426  'Tis the Church triumphant singingPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 427  By the sea of crystalPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 428  With harps and with vialsPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 429  Jerusalem the goldenPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 430  Then I saw a new heaven and earthContact

withheldHymn 431  Come to the watersContact
view/playHymn 432  Come, ye sinnersPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 433  Jesus, lover of my soulPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 434  To him we comeContact
view/playHymn 435  I heard the voice of Jesus sayPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 436  'Tis not that I did choose theePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 437  How vast the benefits divinePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 438  I know not why God's wondrous gracePDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 439  God of graceContact
view/playHymn 440  I sought the Lord, and afterward I knewPDFPowerpoint:free to use

view/playHymn 441  Not what my hands have donePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 442  Christ, whose glory fills the skiesPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 443  Creator of the earth and skiesContact
view/playHymn 444  My faith looks up to theePDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 445  Rock of ages, cleft for meContact
view/playHymn 446  In the hour of trialPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 447  A debtor to mercy alonePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BHymn 448  In your wrath and hot displeasurePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 449  Lord, like the publican I standPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 450  Lord, we cry to you for helpContact

view/playHymn 451  Make me a captive, LordPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BHymn 452  On the good and faithfulPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playS A T BHymn 453  Remember not, O GodPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 454  Forgive our sins as we forgiveContact
view/playHymn 455  We have not known thee as we oughtPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 456  Who can sound the depths of sorrowContact
view/playHymn 457  O God, my faithful GodPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 458  God sent his SonContact
view/playHymn 459  Yield not to temptationPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 460  Blest are the pure in heartPDFPowerpoint:free to use

view/playHymn 461  My hope is built on nothing lessPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 462  How firm a foundationPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 463  Eternal ruler of the ceaseless roundPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 464  Faithful Shepherd, feed mePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 465  Sun of my soulPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 466  Guide me, O thou great JehovahPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 467  I am trusting you, Lord JesusPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 468  Have thine own way, Lord!PDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 469  Take time to be holyPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 470  Teach me thy wayPDFPowerpoint:free to use

view/playHymn 471  O for a closer walk with GodPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 472  If I speak a foreign tonguePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 473  Lead on, O King eternalPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 474  Lead us, heavenly Father, lead usContact
view/playHymn 475  When we walk with the LordPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 476  Living for Jesus a life that is truePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 477  O Master, let me walk with theePDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 478  My God, I love youContact
view/playHymn 479  Fill thou my lifePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 480  Lord of all hopefulnessPDFPowerpoint:free to use

view/playHymn 481  Who trusts in GodPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 482  O sovereign GodPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 483  Nearer, still nearerPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 484  God be with you till we meet againPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 485  May the mind of Christ, my SaviourPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 486  Like a river gloriousPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 487  When peace, like a riverPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 488  Am I a soldier of the crossPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 489  Forth in your name, O Lord, I goPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 490  Christian, dost thou see themPDFPowerpoint:free to use

view/playHymn 491  Fight the good fightPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 492  He who would valiant bePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 493  Soldiers of Christ, arisePDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 494  The Son of God goes forth to warContact
view/playHymn 495  Jesus, I my cross have takenPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 496  O Jesus, I have promisedPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 497  Jesus, priceless treasurePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 498  We give thee but thine ownPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 499  Lord, thou lovest the cheerful giverPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 500  Go, labour onPDFPowerpoint:free to use

view/playHymn 501  Take my life and let it bePDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 502  Make me a channel of your peaceContact
view/playHymn 503  A new commandmentPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 504  Be still, my soulPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 505  Be thou my visionPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 506  Commit whatever grieves youPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 507  Abide with mePDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 508  We trust in youContact
withheldHymn 509  Seek ye firstContact
view/playHymn 510  What a friend we have in JesusPDFPowerpoint:free to use

view/playHymn 511  Our Father, clothed with majestyPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 512  Our Father which art in heavenContact
withheldHymn 513  Our Father in heavenContact
view/playHymn 514  Our Father, which art in heavenPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 515  Hear our prayer, O LordPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 516  Father, hear the prayer we offerContact
view/playHymn 517  O perfect lovePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 518  Lord, today bless this new marriagePDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 519  Our Father, whose creative loveContact
withheldHymn 520  Lord, for the yearsContact

view/playHymn 521  Hours and days and years and agesPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 522  Glory to GodPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 523  To God be the glory, to GodContact
withheldHymn 524  You are worthyContact
view/playHymn 525  Now unto himPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 526  Hallelujah! Hallelujah!PDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 527  Praise ye the LordPDFPowerpoint:free to use
withheldHymn 528  Now blessed be Jehovah GodContact
view/playHymn 529  Glory be to the FatherPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 530  Praise God, from whom all blessings flowPDFPowerpoint:free to use

view/playHymn 531  To him who sits upon the thronePDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 532  AmenPDFPowerpoint:free to use
view/playHymn 533  The Apostles' CreedPDFPowerpoint:free to use